MML offers 3 day turnaround times on Micros using our Biolumix system. This a USP certified instrument. We conduct side-by-side with USP methods. If the product has any of the tests fail side-by-side, we will use traditional testing methods-TAT on traditional methods is 5-7 days. Most all products work on the biolumix, except probiotics.


#1 Screen includes APC, Y&M, Coliform, Staph, E. coli, Salmonella-this full screen has a 3 Day TAT and

and costs $75 per sample

#2 Screen includes APC, Y&M, Staph, E. coli, Samonella-$65/sample

#3 Screen includes APC, Y$M, Staph (or Salmonella), E.coli-$55/sample

We do offer the traditional plate method-this has a TAT of 5-7 days. Cost varies, but starts at $40/sample


Quantitative Analysis

Aerobic Plate Counts (FDA/BAM, AOAC petrifilm, USP, Biolumix, SimPlate)

Coliform Count (AOAC, Biolumix, AOAC petrifilm)

Yeast & Mold Count (FDA/BAM, AOAC petrifilm, USP, Biolumix, SimPlate)

E. coli Count (AOAC petrifilm)

Qualitative Analysis

Staphylococcus (Biolumix, USP, FDA/BAM, AOAC)

E. coli (Biolumix, USP, FDA/BAM, AOAC)

E. coli O157-RapidCheck FSIS approved method

Salmonella (Biolumix, USP, FDA/BAM, AOAC)

Salmonella epi-Romers Rapid Check FSIS approved method

Listeria-VIP method-3 days-FSIS approved method