Montana state approved analytical cannabis testing lab
License # L-0004
ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited-PJLA

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We run MULTIPLE Quality checks with EVERY run to ensure the accuracy of the data and your results.

Potency: We qualify and quantify cannabinoids so that:
1. Consumers understand the potential effects that a product
may have. 2. Manufacturers can more accurately dose their
products,. 3. Cultivators can optimize their harvests.
We perform this analysis using HPLC-DAD with validated
methods across all cannabis medium types.

Microbials: Microbiological screening uses analyte specific
cultures to determine CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of mold,
yeast and E. Coli bacteria. This analysis is done utilizing the
Biolumix specialized procedure.

Residual Solvents: MML utilizes GC/FID with headspace
for residual solvent analysis. This provides the ability to detect
solvents that may have been left behind during the extraction
process of concentrated cannabis products.

Terpenes: Terpenes contribute to the taste and aroma, as
well as adding an “entourage effect” towards the physiological
response that cannabinoids produce on the human body.
Terpene profiles are determined using GC/MS. These validated
methods analyze the concentration of different terpenes
within a cannabis product.

Chemical Residues: We use LCMSMS for qualification
and quantitation of chemical residues within cannabis
samples. We offer a comprehensive panel of some of the
most common and concerning chemicals. We test for pesticides,
insecticides and fungicides.

Heavy Metals: We use ICP/MS for detecting toxic heavy metals in a wide range of cannabis and food products. Common panel is Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), and Arsenic (As). We can also test for a wide range of different metals as needed.


PRICING-Medical Marijuana

Cannabinoid Profile, Foreign Matter,
Mycotoxins, Pesticides, and
Microbials of E. Coli, Salmonella, and
Culturable Mold.

ADD ON: Cannabinoid/Moisture/F&F $55/strain

Cannabinoid Profile, Mycotoxins, Pesticides,
Residual Solvents, and Microbials of E. Coli,
Salmonella & Culturable Mold.

Cannabinoid Profile, Microbial: E. Coli &
Salmonella, Yeast and Mold Counts

Micro Screen-(all Micros)-$35
E. Coli-$15
Culturable Mold-$15

Terpenes (21 Terpenes)-$50
Terpenes (42 Terpenes)-$85

Residual Solvents-$60
Heavy Metals-$55

We can also do a multiple of other testings, Vitamins (fat-soluble and water soluble), nutrients (Potassium, sodium, selenium, etc), Fatty Acids, sugar profiles, and more-contact the lab for more information.

Pick-up fee $35. Waived if >$1000.00 of
testing or if 5 or more providers pool together
for same pick-up run.
Full payment expected at time of pick-up.
Various methods of payment are available.
Will not invoice-no exceptions. We can send invoices through square to pay with Credit Card

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